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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Motivation Quote

'' I will try 100 times toget up and If i fail 100 times...
if i fail and i give up do you thinkthat i'm ever gonna get up?
NO... But if i fail, i tryagain, and again and again... but i just want u to know that it's notthe end.. it matters how its U gonna finish....r u gonna finish STRONG..".
~ Nick Vujicic ~

Time kaseh pada saudara afbizz dak YM ku yang bg aq tengok video nih..mule 2 tak TEAR keepin' fallin' DOWN..... '' Dont worry BE happy " i hope it will easily adapt to my LIFE..
.Dear HEART.....i love You...

It takes some time
To remind myself all the time
That I can't have you

Everything happens for a reason.

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