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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three word

Romantic Story

Three word????

Girl: Do you really love me?
Boy: Of course I do.
Girl: I wanna hear you say it.
Boy: I don’t have to.
Girl: Why not?
Boy: Because...
Girl: I just want to hear you say it in words.
Boy: I can’t...
The girl started to cry softly and said:
Then you don't love me...
The two continued to walk in silence. They
reached the girls home.
Girl: Why?
Boy: Do you really want to know?
Girl: (hesitantly) Yes.
He hugged her gently, kissed the tip of her nose
and whispered in her ear,
"Because three words are not enough..."


layan ehh citer kat atas nih:)
touching love story
yes three word sumtimes it not enough
to say how important sum1 in our life
yet for D???

ACTION alwayz speak LOUDER than WORD
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