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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dear ma Cold hearted

dear my Cold-hearted..
I want a reason to smile,
a reason beyond .....

all t
he misery that i had...
of how I wish my life had gone...

but still
I see around me the mirror pieces
And in the mirror
see myselfMy spirit trapped inside it...

dear my Cold-hearted..
oh i wish i could open my soul
so they wouldn't judge and..

 give back what is missing
give back my peace.....
and prevent me become so numb
Feeling so faithless..

dear my Cold-hearted..

I'm uncertain of my future ..

and i choose remain happy with where I'm going ..
because whether things come out the way..
I want them to or not,
I will survive this mess I call Life..
and keep my FAITH....
for my own...
after all i believe that

Bad Things Happen! 4 better things 2 come!


This poem is not unique,
But the message that you seek,
Is often better left Untold...

cold-hearted -Devoid of sympathy or feeling.

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