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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Age is Just a Number Or Is It?

"Age ain't nothing but a number."

Is this saying reality or just a highly popularized myth ...?
So, my question is why is it OK for men to date younger women..
but it is not OK for women to date younger men?

Why do man still out there think it was unrealistic?
nowaday i believe that young, attractive,
mature men would find older women as attractive as young women?

Why do people seem to believe that women are over the hill at a certain age and that men who are up in age are sexy and uhmmm sum said they got more experience in Life ? I am 2* and I have been comfortable with dating people a lot older than me .....yeh i got experience it becoz my younger than me 2 years....when im part 4 i had been in top class of Dbs...well it misery semester cuz my cgpa...dropped...but i enjoying cuz there was a guy that welcome me at first .his name call him Lee...he so sweet guy...i remember that nobody want to befriend with me...he volunteer be my partner..for bell ..the gurl cant stopp gossiping but i don't even care cuz i noe im older than them... suddenly he yell @ them....

"kowang xde keje mengumpat je ke"

well that time so touching.....he did ask for LT,

lahir thn bape ?" im speechless ....Im ask him to ask OTHers...@ after that all changed....there still a month and a half b4 it age juz a number....but for me...not everyone can accept we the way we are....i never had any intention 2 hide my age...cuz when we been asked 2 put in attendance sheet i already state there.....well its my lovely experience....
the eager for knowing me...flew away..

when he know my really age ...yes...i fall for him....that time...but i guess it not meant 2 be.... for both of us...but memories alwayz remain the same...hahahk ape LT speaking not good in English..sorry guyz/gurl...thats enough for my past...story...well my blog kan..muahhahak

LT ruLez :

  • I don't put "restrictions" on POTENTIAL matches. BUT, I do have my age limits. I usually find that I get along better with men who are a few years younger...heheheh
  • I think that first of all CHEMISTRY is important and also sharing common interests AND What the REASON we want 2 connect wit sum1 and what might OUR expectations N' goals be...what XPERIENCE and sensations we R' after. And so on, and so on...bla..bla
  • Is it all just about PHYSICAL ATTRACTION and satisfying just the basic instincts? Or we want to feed our SOUL by sensing something much stronger and deeper?
  • I think age does matter because in our CULTURE we are still not able to accept the fact that women can be vivacious and beautiful as they grow into maturity.....DON'T U THINK SO...?
  • Dont miss judge me cuz i think when an adult man or woman deciding '' that " although they are a little far apart in age, they can still have a promising relationship, is OK.


makin ramai org kahwen pompuan yg lebeh berusia....
affection vs attraction.... ???
with sum1 much older than You???
u decide ???does AGE really count ....
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