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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CRAZY Love ?

Have you ever fell in love?
I have…in fact I believe I didn’t just fall in love but truly loved but it was long time before . Yet no matter how I see it, I still question. What is this thing called love?or juz nature thing as human being wanna being love or 2 be loved... As for now ,we live in a generation that has a warped up idea of love. We have limited the definition of love until it becomes nothing more than a feeling of attraction or perhaps lust?? nowadays people doesn't know what married is really are..they went 2 '' kursus kawen " as wajib ticket 2 been married..and then sleep during the '' ceramah " don't laugh im spoil in my english...but im willing to learn it better in the fact so many cases regarding divorce procedure were waiting in court....i think before getting a ticket or '' semangat " being husband /wiffy they should know how to be a good wife to their husband.......well is hard to find obedient lifepartner ....there so much betrayed cases nowadays...but happen..not because of the comes from themselves what they want to be.....which is" NIAT."..

i believe is nothing impossible...for fallin' in love ..beside that our daily life romance dominates every single movie you see or even u being watching....a life show dramas of ur friends....or soever ..but if without the element of romance the movie will be a crap people might say what the H*ll or not interesting 2 be watch...does it?? huh..not sure..but it make sense...i like watching science fiction such avatar .
.the effect is wonder that movie is besh of last years...well the creator had save the story line....many years ..juz to get a new technology 2 use it as medium...

Love in fact is a universal language that everyone supposedly knows about. If love was taken away from life, there is no life. So then why is love such an important part of our life yet we hardly know or want to know what love is?i love the word love...well some people hate it....for me its so subjective...have u ever? only u can answer... But what is love to you? We hear statements being thrown around such as ‘you don’t love me anymore’ or ‘you don’t know what love is’ or even ‘ I don’t love you anymore’. Can we actually define what true love is? I believe we can.but do they care? so now is there any people that care for you..???

for me..? im still
searching....i juz day will be better than yesterday....For me, i might say love… is… well, myself is actually got no answer on it. see, i don’t love people as they’d loved me... true love never ask for return or refund. i just found out that, it could be easy and it could be hard at times. but please ... be SINCERE...

should be great, happy, willingly, peacefully and unconditionally.but yet I don’t agree that love has to be happy. being joyful yes but not happy. I could be the saddest but still love with joy in my heart.... The joy is not something that makes you smile. But instead it gives you a warmth deep down inside to know that you need not fear any circumstance because LOVE WILL PREVAIL....
so have u ever been? or will u ever been...
are u in this condition....????

love is so complicated..

so do... EJ...

status jiwe2 EJ :

'' I've cried and i hate myself cuz can't accept any love that around me... .juz put all the blame on me... ..i hate cuz its hard for me to get rid of the person that melt my heart ... even its tears apart... its ur option to stay or away ... i won't stop u... "-EJ~

if only he/her looking for me as much as i looking for him/her when i'm online.. i'll never ask for more ... at least droppin by say hi more than enough ~ EJ ~ zZZzzzZZzz.

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.-- author - unknown

Sometimes all i ever need is a little appreciation.. then i will be happy ... .even for a second i'll be glad ~ EJ ~

" Ikutlah pilihan org tua mu ... andai dia terbaik untukmu... . . baek juga untukku... . ~EJ~ "



u may STAY or AWAY


i won't STOP
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