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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Have U Ever ??????

Have u ever find urself in love with someone
does not love U,and U still trying 2 be gentle with Urself and try to be bear in mind
that there is
nothing wrong with U...
well .... Love just didn't choose ...
to rest in the other
person’s heart....
we doesn't have any option...
when we fallin' with sumbody???

am i right ???

about me ???
i'm waiting for my Mr happily ever after...
that can fill my
missing part forever...
so ..please don't say
i love u....
if u
don't ever care about
so plzzz ..
dont say u
missing me ..
when all that i can c...
worthless in ur heart..n ur mind too..
u will
never being me....and
i never
couldn't be as u....
somtimes i met sum1 that
too good too be true...
i never
dare to touch the sky....
i juz wanna c it....n
hope the sky wont run away

have faith !

when rainy days..
i tried to keep it to my heart..Love has its own time,

its own seasons,
and its own reason for
coming and going ..
i believe that it cannot bribe it or coerce it,
or reason it into saying....

" Love always has been and always will be a mystery "

As for the word that unspoken.
believe me...
i been through it before..all the pain .

well sumtimes it hard for me....
but i think we should be glad and grateful ...
that it came our live for a moment in our life than nothing.

so what u waitin' for
make an action...SPEAK UP....!

status : cari sum1 yg boleh lengkap melengkapi kekurangan dan kelebihan masing2 dan perkahwinan bukan
mencari kesempurnaan...
tapi proses melengkap kan kehidupan ...
carilah cinta demiNYA...


i'm not a gurl teenage gurl that
can fooling around..

which is can being hurt n loved and
then being
dump easily....
i'm not lil gurl ..n...not yet a women
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