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Friday, April 1, 2011

Lies Left Untold...

Lies Left Untold..

Although it seems ..

like the world..

has changed but..

my dreams are standing yet...

Lies Left Untold

For each step i take

leads me again toward


but i won't

give up !!!!!

Lies Left Untold..

I do not write history

but each word I say

pulls sum1 name into

the pages of my open book...

Lies Left Untold..

Listen to my heart beat

It still cries for my past

It make breaking apart

into a pieces..sigh..

Lies Left Untold..

i'm trying Look for my soul

It lays somewhere out there..

Waiting, hoping,day dreaming lol

waiting a shoulder to cry on...

waiting for this missing ribs owner....

and i kept holding on...

i will meet u soon...

have faith.....

Lies Left Untold..

i believe anything is possible

i believe love alwayz find the right way ...

i believe for every single sadness

there will be double HAPPINESS..

insyaALLAH.... : LT

LT mummble...
hapy bufday to Ziq @ prince charming
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up,
however, is optional. Happy Birthday,
..may ALLAH bless u ...
and ur well ..
semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki...amin
mood : terhibur tengok manusia..

hurm mr K..still mcm tuh...
suka bagi soalan.....

status LT malam ni
i need a man that can be my best companion....
not a baby to pampered...♥ ...
i'm juz a typical malay woman...yes i am...


to ma haters
to ma haters
Talk to my hand !

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