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Friday, February 11, 2011

SomeTimes ♥


sometimes i just need: A hug.

sometimes i want: To Hide..

sometimes i like to: fall'in LOVE.

sometimes all it takes: Is someone to feel the same way I do.

sometimes i picture: Picture which is F.A.K.E.

sometimes i wish: If i could TURN back the time.

sometimes i find: I'm Lost in LOVE .

sometimes i take: So much food .

sometimes i look: Messy and Ugly.

sometimes i hate: Myself.

sometimes it’s nice: To be Loved.

sometimes it hurts: missing sum1 that not MISS me.

sometimes it makes me happy: If I get a text even ONCE...

sometimes it’s sad: When you don't understand.

sometimes i listen: To HARDCORE music.

sometimes i sleep: @ my frenz house instead my parent house

sometimes i like to watch: 18 SX movies (romantic stuff)

sometimes i feel: Depressed..

sometimes i never: Understand..

sometimes i really: Wish this would end..

When I’m ..

sad, i want: A hug..

happy, i need: A hug..

mad, i wish: I could runaway..

overjoyed, i find: Its weird.

indifferent, i like to: Listen to music.

frustrated, all it takes: Is someone to get me.


only the person is Y.O.U



only the person u looking for is M.E


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