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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

LT ♥ Babbling

Do you wish you could spend more of your days feeling fulfilled? Or wonder why you aren’t happier, despite all that’s good in your life? ....yes im alwayz wonder...n the journey keepin..struggle with the tears....but the sweet smile alwayz come with that smile.....

sorry LT gune manglish ...malay+ english...hehek...I remember when I was a child, enjoying with frenz in the playground while my mother talked to my neighbor .yet i enjoy every moment.. We had hours to explore every inch of the place and it felt freeing. I think of those as perfect moments of my childhood. i believe that no matter how much of a people person you are, everyone needs some moments alone each day to recharge !!!.moreover Even your phone gets to recharge !!

i enjoy window shoppe with my bff or alone...cuz i love to be lone ranger despite being in pair to anyplace..dont ask me juz journey alwayz like a rainbow cuz there will be happy moment which in short term...n my LOve story alwayz like '' waiting the right train to cross over ''..

i'm " happy to telling a story of my life my experience "to my friends that doesn't have any relationship with guys...they know nothing....doesn't mean that we have to be in relationship juz to know what love are..what it means??

my BFF grown up with my experience....also...every part of life is beautiful even it require a lot of effort to be happy even for a moment...i have been happy and had been hurt badly before..but i enjoy being explore to this kind of element of Life..most of all ...

:: ..i love 2 be loved ..that describe the real me...::

Conflict can be ok..... the hardest thing sometimes is to call the person up and talk about it i have been in this type of conflict sometime i keepin pretend that i'm ok...but actually the wounds is deeper than they think...they hurt me...

"frienship sometimes doesn't meant live forever.... "

:: Some STAY some away... ::

we can have conflict in one area, yet still be friends forever....Conflict is healthy. In fact it’s part of life.....and i keeping tell myself that....i love them...they leave a footprints in my heart....n alwayz remain there...

until the last breath of my life........

point to remember

If you don't like me, turn your head and walk away.

Simple as that. Who are you to judge the life that I live?

I speak Manglish. It means I speak Malay plus English.

I'm not good in English, but I'd like to give it a try..... LT


if only we are still children..
still wondering
the what the future outcomes

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