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Friday, May 20, 2011

Sorry...and sorry...again..

U’ve said….

Sorry for the hopes,
Sorry for the dreams,
Sorry for the words,
Sorry for the flashbacks and all the memories,
Sorry that we speak,
Sorry for this sorry,
And sorry for that….



I can't go on without you.
It's sad, really.
I need to be with you.
I need you near.
But the space is taken by someone else.

I don't want to be over you...
I don't want to lose you... I don't want to be alone.

But.. I still can't let go…

Even if I end up broken hearted..
I won't lie…
I don't wanna hear goodbye
cuz forever it will make me cry….


Everything I had wanted to stay..
Left unspoken,
too afraid to speak from my heart..
not now...mybe..
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