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Sunday, February 12, 2012

man vs women : confusing vs complicated

Guys ....they are so confusing.
But, the guys think that they did nothing wrong.
They think that us girls speak guy. We don't really speak guy....
we doesn't know what actually ..
is in his mind....XD.....

I know I know, a guy means what he says...

but we as girls just have millions of questions

popping up
our minds after just being greeted by a guy.

Guys wonder why we find them confusing.
They think that we are complicated. Sure,
we can be at times but guys do confuse us.
But how? Let's see.......

  • They don't share their feelings with us.
  • They go after the girls that are already taken.
  • You try to get in a relationship with them, they just run the other direction
  • All they care about is food, beverages, sports, their hair, muscles, boobs, sex, the car they drive, basically anything but a serious commitment.
  • Do the weirdest/creepiest things to get our attention instead of just coming up to us and say hi.
  • They don't reveal any personal info
  • Change the subject when we want to talk about relationships
  • He looks like he likes you but the next day he gets a girlfriend but still ....idk.. but why??? idk,,,'' i do care ?????"
  • Some men are cheaters, assholes,jerks,etc. They don't care about our feelings.
  • They are into you one minute and then forget you the next.
  • They want to keep us guessing?!?!?! WTF!!!! oopssss
  • They tease us to make themselves cool.Really??!
  • They are interested but don't take the chance to get us. You just let us slip out of your hands. WHY?!?!?!

If I continue this than I will stay up all night to write this lol :). But, we are from different genders. That's why we confuse each other. It's okay... but us girls know more than you think.

  • Guys are simple. gurl are straight forward and right to the point.
  • Guys act on simple Logic, while woman act on emotion.
"Where emotions are present, Logic will never succeed"

psst : This seems like a cliche but i could be true...
juz an opinion......


time is tide....
feeling fade away....

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