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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear My BitterSweet Life

Dear My BitterSweet...
You think you know me..
you think you see me all the time..? huh..
But what you dont know is the real me...
not even my real name...
What you see is just a picture...
picture can speak for a thousand word..
but if..
what you think you know is all lies....
People think they know me..
But look inside and you will see..
not the person that you thought....
But someone else is whom will be..

Dear My bitter sweet
You think things will change ?
Think things will get better ..?
but how can they when I feel like crying?.
If you really think you  could understand..


Try walking in my shoes..
Not everything that shows..
Is really what I choose...
and yet...
I rather close my eyes and ..
hope for the best to come..
wishing to fly high above..
leaving my sorrows to drown in the dust...
I'm still Sitting here in the rain,...
cuz..Nobody would Listening...
every single tears that been apart..
Feeling all of this pain..
While falling asleep i begin to cry..
Thinking about how hard i try..
As I am beginning to find my way...
I think who am i today..
Thinking about all the nights i cried..
Holding all these feelings inside..
Now getting all them off my chest..
Doing good, only hoping for the best..
My life is like a story told..
My heart is something that i hold..
still pray to ALLAH s.w.t..having faith that..
the worst thing happen for better thing to come..

(sekadar berkarya..)

Quote from google :

Never say you love me
if you don't really care
never say you love me
when all you want to do is to come near
never say you love me
when all you do is lie
never say you love me
if you can't look into my eyes
baby can't you see this is tearing me apart
some day you'll cry for me
like i cried for you
someday you'll miss me
like i missed you
and someday you'll need me
like i needed you
someday you'll love me
but i won't love you..
picture : google

notakakikudibibirmu ..
 I dont know why but i miss you, 
for some good damn reason i miss u, 
simple as that...
 I know that I'm not perfect..
But that's what makes me true ..
I'd like to think that I'm unique..
You know, different, just like you..

psst : i speak mangalish..malay + english
if grammar xok..sory..derr
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