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Friday, May 18, 2012

Life is Short so Pray hard ...

I asked for strength and 
ALLAH s.w.t gave me difficulties to make me strong. 
 I asked for wisdom and 
ALLAH s.w.t gave me problems to solve. 
 I asked for prosperity and 
ALLAH s.w.t gave me brawn and brains to work.
 I asked for courage and 
ALLAH s.w.t gave me dangers to overcome. 
 I asked for patience and 
ALLAH s.w.t placed me in situations 
where I was forced to wait.
 I asked for love and 
ALLAH s.w.t gave me troubled people to help. 
 I asked for favors and 
ALLAH s.w.t gave me opportunities. 
 I received nothing I wanted
 I received everything I needed. 
 My prayers have all been answered.



Happiness keeps you sweet...
 Sorrows keeps you human. ..
learn from it
Life keeps you humble...
think before you act or said..
 Success keeps you glowing. ..
remember the poor..
having faith with Qada and Qadar 
ALLAH s.w.t ...
will keeps you going...

Allah SWT will never let you down. :) 

some quote from the net...

 Never underestimate your abilities. 
Understand the concept of Barakah 
(blessings from Allah) and
 remember that Allah can and Insha Allah ..
will expand them if you are sincerely..
 exerting your energies for the right path 

When your heart feels heavy with stress or grief, 
remember Allah and surround yourself with His Zikr.  
Zikr refers to all forms of the remembrance of Allah, 
including Salat, Tasbeeh, Tahmeed, Tahleel, 
making supplication (Doa), and reading Quran.


sekadar renungan bersama...

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