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Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Happiness , Please Whisper My Name

Dear Happiness ..
 Please Whisper My Name..
Take away my heartache..
heal my pain...
turn my cloudy , gloomy life..
into the sunniest of days...
till my dying day...

Dear Happiness ,
 Please Whisper My Name
I want to reach for the stars..
get up when everything goes down..
Above the sky i will fly ..
show the world how to be happy  ..
Even though  so far...

some Life advice 

Have Faith in all you do
Believe in what you cannot see,
Always try your hardest
To be the best that you can be...


turn to Allah….
Hold on to your Hope
When you fear there's no way out,
Trust in the ALLAH s.w.t...
And you'll know without a doubt...
cuz ALLAH love always surround us..

Love with all your heart
Unconditionally, pure and true,
Judge not those around you
And lead by example too...


Be thankful

When you don't know where to turn
Look to the sajadah pray and do'a
turn to ALLAH...

"And whatever good you have - it is from Allah; and then, 
when misfortune comes to you, you cry to Him for help."
(Qur'an, An-Nahl 16:53)



Life can be cruel and every day might be darker 
than others for some people. 
But in between every dark night there is a bright day 
that will come as soon as the sun sets forth


”.. but I am someone when you have no one.”

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