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Friday, May 18, 2012

hey You ...yes YOU..

Hey You... .yes YOU..

Would you like to hear a secret,
Something I'll bet you never knew,
A secret deep inside me,
I've been hiding it from you... .


Did you see this smile,
So huge upon my face,
My eyes are big and sparkling,
Everything seems in its place...

I'll bet you all didn't know,
As I close my eyes...

There's something I've been hiding,
I let all out on my pillow... .

gettin' wet so ... i can't bed..

but still... ..


i'm still..that gurl...
  • who always wears a smile even thou she's dieing inside..
  • who always gets knocked down but always manages to brush her shoulders and stand up again...
  • who helds her head up high..Who fakes a smile every time..
  • who puts on an act everyday... the one that pretends everything is ok..
  • Who wants more than anything to move on and be the person she pretends to be everyday..

is OK not to be not OK
have faith insyaALLAH..
bad thing happen for better thing to come 

original from me LT....

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