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Monday, August 5, 2013

Love Me The Way I Am

The words come out easy and simple..
I wanna scream this love out loud
Let you know how I truly feel
Shout it out from the rooftops
That you mean the world to me..
and yet...
all i've been Questioning..
will you marry me...?
and LOVE Me the Way I Am...?

The truth is...
I really love your jokes and laugh every time..
Even when they make fun of me... 
Do you hear what people say about us ..
The loads of silent whispers ..
Telling us we are meant to be 
but then...
REALLY ???...

Staring into the distance ..
as I think about you more..
A smile appears on my face..
Suddenly the music stops.
I shake my head..
Am i Dreaming....again??

This long waiting is coming to an end ..
I've done all I could, now it's hard to pretend..
I've done my part of expressing, my part to this story..
Like a helpless soul, I leave this to DESTINY..

-LADY d-

(tiada kena mengena yg hidup atau yg dah meninggal dunia )

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