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ladytwiligt aka LT is originally quote by me ...EJ..


 ''i don't have black berry for BBM u for every moment... .i don't have any GPS to reach for ur... .location.. but i do have thought of u in my mind... .i will reserve a second from my 86,400 second per day for remember u... hope u r doin' fine... like always... .even ur not even mine... frens always ... ~ smile ~ "

[ LadyTwilight]

 if only he/her looking for me as much as i looking for him/her when i'm online.. i'll never ask for more ... at least droppin by say hi more than enough ~ LT ~ zZZzzzZZzz.

 ' silent doesn't mean i doesn't care... when u understand my silent u will know my word.. i always watch over u.. . nothin' gonna change me..cuz i'll be the same person... and yes... u can turn back... whenever ur lost..cuz u will surprised i still standing right there... .for you .. so plz shed ur tears away ~ - LT~ "

' i'm so complicated person ... don't try 2 understand me... thats why i said the less u know me the better , once trust is gained... i will be so honest and true ..and yes..being truth might kill people.. ... ... - LadyTwilighT~ "

  'I'm the heartbreaker... and u r the heart-stealer does it look the same is it the crime ... no it isn't... -- LT ---

ada org "tertawa" disaat org lain berduka... ada org rasa dia "sempurna"... ada org riang dgn mengubat "hiba" ... ada org menyampah bila org lebih dari dia... . - ladytwilight- kesimpulan... mcm2 ada...

" ya ALLAH andai benar die jodohku dekatkanlah hatiku dgn dia , andai die bukan untukku..damaikan lah hatiku dgn ketentuanMU... ''

'' If you love me then show it to me.. If you care about me then tell me.. If you miss me than say it.. but never stayed with all your feelings inside . "”

“sumtime its like ALLAH answer my LONELY prayer... he gave... ..'' so much LOVE " around me... but i juz scared what love will BRING..everyday i get more afraid of giving my heart away... cuz the TRUTH is i'm juz a gurl with the BROKEN hurT... .Time will tell... . ”......wait for me....
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 I want the pain inside to go away, I want to stop thinking. I wish I could start all over... the truth is " it takes a minute to be curious, an hour to be interested, and an hour to like, but it takes forever to forget love... -anonymous"

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