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Friday, June 5, 2015

Lost Love

Some say a broken heart is like a shattered glass
With faith and hope you try to mend the broken heart
The sorrow is so much and the pain is so deep..

The truth is
We started out as friends
As I denied my feelings
My heart literally hurts
My chest is in pain
Life without you
Will never be the same

I sit here waiting
waiting for you to see
that time is running out
come on and save me

The loss of a lover, 
whether because they have passed on or
 for any other reason is a heartbreaking experience.

 Some never fully recover. 
There might always be a small place
 in your heart that holds the pain of this experience.

 This is natural and fine. 
Even when you find another person to love,
 it is OK to hold a place for the lover that has passed.
You shared something profound together. 
The previous relationship that you had is not like your new relationship.
 Every relationship is unique and should be allowed a place in your heart.

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